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Product Information


We can supply leather skins for the following production of:
Automotive hide
Leather goods
Moccasins - pigmented print
Cow and pony hair on
Cow hide
Sheep nappa for clothing etc
Shoulders & whole butts suede/haircell finish
Table top skivers & cow

Our current stock includes the following items in different colours.  We hold stocks in a wide range of leathers in our warehouse which you can visit or contact us for the latest stock levels and for new arrivals.

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We can supply quality leather from Italy and Germany for the production of upholstery at very competitive prices.  We can offer a selection of colours from our stock programme in  plain colours also rub off finishes as well as aniline finish.

Handbag leather
There are leathers in various colours and weights  for the handbag industry.  We keep up to date with the various fashions and if you tell us what you are interested in we may be able to supply you at competitive prices.  Our customers are both large and small manufacturers.
Automotive hide

We also supply quality leather from Germany for upholstery in motor vehicles in mainly BMW & MERCEDES colours.  There is a range of colours available.  (Black BMW print normally held in stock.)  Colour swatches available on request.
Garment leather
A varied range of leathers for the manufacturer of garments, we have been supplying this trade for many years.  We can offer clothing hides both waxy and plain, also other finishes.
These leathers are available for the manufacturer of shoes.  We can also supply the finest Italian kid leather and suedes in a cascade of colours which is ordered direct from the tannery.
Ballet shoes
We are experienced suppliers to manufacturers of ballet shoes and supply specialised leathers geared for the theatrical industry.
We can also supply cow rugs, leather cubes and leather bean bags.